Connected Care by RF Proximity

  • Connecting Care in the Community

Enabling Care in the Community

Our Connected Care solutions are designed to support families and carers who are helping people live with declining or impaired cognitive function or reducing mobility. Using the latest ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence our solutions provide discrete support and monitoring of daily activities.

For carers our solutions can help to bring some peace of mind at a difficult time by helping to answer common recurring questions like – has my mother got out of bed this morning? or has my father cooked his lunch yet? or have they left the heating on/off? Our battery-powered wire-free sensor solutions are easy to install and use, automatically sending real time data to a personalised Cloud based web page that can be viewed anywhere using any internet connected device.

As well as a range of standard sensors for monitoring aspects of daily living like movement, toilet use, fridge opening, heating control, kettle boiling, door opening, cooking etc. we welcome enquiries about developing new sensors for particular purposes. If it can be sensed, we can remotely monitor it and send the data to any location.

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