Connected Health by RF Proximity

  • Connecting Health in the Community

Connected Health

Our connected telehealth solutions are the perfect match for the challenges of the post-COVID world. Our low-cost connected devices are the ideal companion to online online consultations, providing secure real-time data from any type of commercially available connected device. Ideally suited to the management of long term conditions our solutions provide healthcare professionals with current and historical data such as body temperature, pulse rate, Sp02, weight or blood glucose – either automatically each time a reading is taken or during an ongoing video consultation.

For routine ongoing monitoring our software uses AI to automatically highlight trends or sudden changes in readings.

We also offer a range of low-cost connected devices which are suitable for use by persons living alone, ideal for reducing the frequency of home visits and the associated risks of spreading infections. The same system is also suitable for corporate use – automatically recording the temperature of members of staff before they travel to work to reduce the spread of infection within the workplace and the community.

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