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Attach and Find – the new Cloud-based lost and found community.

Attach and Find – the new Cloud-based lost and found community.

Belfast based company, RF Proximity Ltd., have announced the launch of ‘Attach and Find’ a new inexpensive security tag product that uses the power of the Cloud to help find lost items including keys, glasses cases, laptops, bikes, or anything else that you can attach a small plastic tag to.

The product includes a small wireless security tag (the same width as a 50 pence piece) and a mobile App that is free to download from the iTunes store.

The Attach and Find App can search for a user’s own Tags and show the position on a map where they were last contacted. The App can also be used to report a tagged item as lost so that other users of the App can help find it and automatically (and invisibly) send the Tag’s owner details of where and when another user made radio contact with it.

RF Proximity Technical Director, Mike Little, commented,

“There are other wireless devices on the market that can sound an alert if a tagged item moves out of range and some can even display on a phone where an item was left. Attach and Find does all of this but goes further by creating a community of users in the Cloud who are all looking out for each other’s lost items. So, if I lose my tagged keys in London and another App user walks past them in New York next month, I will get a message showing me where and when they were last seen.”

RF Proximity Marketing Director, Darren Fenton, commented,

“This is a very powerful lost and found solution that has a wide range of potential applications. In the workplace a lot of time is wasted looking for lost, misplaced or ‘borrowed’ items including keys and IT equipment. “

“Misplaced items can also potentially increase risk. For example, if someone accidentally takes home the keys to a medicine cabinet – Attach and Find can quickly locate where the keys are and reduce the time taken to get them back.”

“Attach and Find can help to reduce thefts of agricultural equipment, plant machinery and IT equipment. Our small security Tags are easy to conceal and are automatically detected by all users of our App. Once reported as lost the Tag’s owner will receive automatic updates showing on a map where and when their Tagged item was last seen.”

Notes to Editors

RF Proximity Ltd. (www.rfproximity.com) is based at the Northern Ireland Science Park, Queen’s Road, Belfast.

The company specialises in low-power wireless solutions and Mobile Applications, including end-to-end iBeacon solutions for retail and business use. They are approved iBeacon suppliers under the Apple iBeacon MFI accreditation scheme.

In December 2013 RF Proximity launched ‘You Parked Here’ (www.youparkedhere.com)- one of the world’s first non-retail iBeacon solutions which is also available on iTunes.

The product overview can be watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tYYzkZmNwI

iTunes links

Attach and Find: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=865024996&mt=8
You Parked Here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/you-parked-here/id780442368?mt=8

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